Spill Kits are just the start!

Any company or major undertaking dealing with hazardous materials needs to be aware of their responsibility, not only to the immediate environment they work in, but also any surrounding areas. This applies equally to any workforce that might be employed and to those people in the surrounding communities. Therefore, if there is any risk of a spillage, then the appropriate spill kits must be readily available.

A very simple, and practical solution has been found for providing thesespill kits. Absorb Environmental Solutions have placed everything that will be needed for most spills in a red wheelie bin. This is the ‘Wheelie Bin Spill Kits – Absorb General Purpose Spill Kit – ASK 240 GP.’.

This can easily be used by one person. It contains organic booms. These can be placed around a spill as a barrier. This is designed to contain as well as help absorb any spillage. There are also organic absorbent materials as well as general purpose pads. These spill kits are designed to deal with hydrocarbon spillages, as well as liquids that are water based.This spill kit is best used in factories, workshops and small businesses that regularly use hydrocarbons.This of course would cover anyone involved with motor vehicles, and the storage of diesel, petrol etc.

Businesses involved with painting and decorating or the use and storage of non aggressive chemicals can also make use of these kits. This covers solvents, paints and emulsions.

But for more dangerous and aggressive spillages then there has to be different spill response products. There could be a variety of different oxidizing agents and acids that need to be dealt with.

There are a variety of spill response products available.

With the potential risk of the spillage of hazardous chemicals, as well as hydrocarbon based liquids and water soluble products, then Hazchem pads may be needed. These are ideal for medium or small spillages. There is also a Hazchem Granular Absorbent available for larger spillages. This will deal with most emergencies. But because this material is very light weight, it may not be suitable in high wind areas. Hazchem boons are made from polypropylene which has been specially treated. This is ideal for an initial containment of a spillage. Person protective clothing and equipment should be used if any emergency takes place.

Absorb Environmental Solutions have a wide variety of other products available. A service can be provided that makes sure all the kits and equipment are properly maintained, replaced and updated. This will cover the Environmental of Care obligations, as well as making sure that any company or organization complies with current or pending Health and Safety legislation.

Therefore, there is a very important question. How to clean up a spill?Absorb Environmental Services are there to provide comprehensive help in all aspects of clearing up spills and spillages

This is concerned with making sure that all contaminates are removed from the effected site.  The spill kits do provide this.  On a larger scale this can also be achieved.  Training is also important.  A number of options are available.

Dealing with spills has to be taken seriously. This is especially the case if toxic substances are present.

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