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Aged Care in Victoria: Know Your Options

More and more people require aged care in Australia, which means more and more needs should be met for everyone. This is also true for aged care Victoria has–various services are being made available for various types of residents as well.

Residents can now avail specific aged care services that they need. As long as they have gone through the proper assessment processes, an elderly can opt to sign-up for any service he or she needs. When you check out, you will find a list of what services you can receive from aged care facilities in Victoria.

  • Residential Home Care Services

Residential home care is a service where the elderly are moved into a residential home and stay there for a period of time. This is best for people who have no companions in their homes, especially when his or her children lives in some other places.

Professional team members are tasked to take care of the residents in a residential home care facility. Residents are provided their own room and bed, and are treated accordingly depending on their individual case.

  • Respite Care Services

Another Victoria aged care available for elders is the respite care service. This is where the person who is in-charge of the elderly needs a substitute for a period of time. If a daughter who is giving care to her ageing parent needs to attend an important appointment in a nearby city, for example, she can ask for respite care service.

A team member from the aged care provider will go to the house of the elderly before the one taking care of him or her leaves. The person can also endorse the elderly to the facility for a temporary stay.

  • In-Home Aged Care Services

There are cases in Victoria, and in Australia as a whole, that older people do not wish to stay in an aged care facility. Thus, aged care in Victoria can come as “in-home”, where older people can choose to stay in their own homes while professional caregivers  look after them. This is very helpful for those who live alone in their houses, but would not want to stay in a facility.

  • Extra Aged Care Services

Aside from the three main services, a resident can also avail some other extra services that he or she needs.  If an elderly man needs to go to the doctor and can’t go there by his own, for example, the aged care facility can provide a transport service to him.

Some other services can also be provided depending on the needs of a resident. This is to keep him or her in good condition and for his or her satisfaction with the programme as well.

These are just the main types aged care Victoria has for you. The goal is to provide the right service for you or your loved ones, depending on your needs. Just call your local aged care service provider for more info about the services they can give.